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I purchased a leather sectional sofa from Habits for the home in Bellevue, WA on July 17th 2010 after seeing a posting about a sale at work. My husband and I went to the store in the Bellevue Galleria. We paid for the sofa and for delivery. We have an itemized receipt that shows this. After a few days I hadn't heard anything so I called the store. The first person I spoke to was not able to help me. He told me that I would hear from the manager. The manager called me and was surprised to hear that we were expecting a delivery. When I explained to her that I paid for delivery and would like to know when it would be happening, she then said that they are just behind on deliveries because they are moving their warehouse. I should receive it soon.

I called the store back a few days later when I hadn't heard anything. The person who answered the phone couldn't find my receipt in order to check on it. She told me that the person I needed to speak to would call me back. She didn't call me back. During this time, I did some research online and found many harsh reviews of the store from other dissatisfied customers. Other people had similar issues of not getting their furniture after they had paid for it. I sent my husband to the store on July 26th in order to get a refund since we hadn't gotten a straight answer out of anyone regarding the status. The store wasn't open but my husband was able to talk to someone there who worked in the warehouse. The employee apologized and my husband left thinking that we might be getting the delivery soon. I received a call from the manager 4 days later. She told me that she understood there was some confusion about our sofa. At that time she told me I could get my money back.

On Saturday June 31st I traveled to the Bellevue store at 12pm as the store was supposed to be open from 12pm to 5pm. The store was closed when I arrived. I called the store from outside on my cellphone with no answer and it never got picked up by voicemail. Knowing that they own and operate an espresso stand downstairs, I went to them to ask about the store. The Barista said that she didn't know when they would be open but she would call someone. A girl came upstairs who was also working at the espresso stand. She also happened to be the same person who sold me the sofa two weeks earlier. I told her that I would like to get a refund. The girl was befuddled and told me she needed to make some phone calls and left me outside the store. The girl came back a few minutes later and after apologizing let me into the dark store. She left me to wait inside the darkened store while she made phone calls from the backroom. I listened to her make a least three different phone calls about me wanting to make a return on an item that I never had in my possession. She finally came out of the back room and gave me her cell phone which had the manager on the other end of the line. The manager then told me that it was against their policy to give me a refund but she would do so in this case as the Barista wasn't authorized to process the refund. She insisted that I give her my card number and security code over the phone as this was the only way she could process my refund. After I initially refused, she laughed at me and said "people do this all of the time". I decided that if it was the only way to get the refund, I would do it. The Barista then led me out of the store, turned off the lights and locked up. I left without a receipt of the transaction that just happened. I decided to go to the Roosevelt store with my husband and talk to the manager in person. We asked for a paper receipt of the refund and she refused. She said it was against their corporate policy. After we objected she said that we would get a refund. She then called us crazy and the worst customers she's ever had. We left without a proper refund transaction and have filed a dispute claim with our bank to get our money back as well as report the card stolen (this was my own fault for giving the manager my card number). I've had to file complaints with the BBB and the WA state Attorney General.

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Same owners of Seattle Cutlery in the Pike Place Market. ( (their only remaining business) Peter and Sean Bassiri is the main owner of all these . (Habits, Domaine, Sahara Art, Cafe Habits, Soho for the Home and Seattle Cutlery)

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